100 Trades

I wrote about my first 100 trades as they happened. From number 1 to number 100, all the important ones are here. Track my progress and compare it to yours. By keeping this journal, I’m able to go back and learn from my mistakes.

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Each day I go through a daily routine. As I evolve, so does it. My style of trading is becoming more in tuned with my natural skills and abilities. I try to document as much useful information as I can. This is what stands out to me.

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Learning How To Trade Stock

Newbies Welcome

As I began searching for websites and other resources to help me learn more about the stock market, I quickly discovered there weren’t many. If you knew how to make thousands each day, would you be eager to tell everyone your strategy or secrets? I doubt it! The information is out there, it’s just scattered throughout the Internet. As I find better ways of doing things, I’ll share them here. I’m still learning how to trade the stock market, follow my progress.

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Real Reviews

I purchase how-to videos, books and subscribe to news gathering websites. Most of the information and tools you’ll need aren’t free. I’m here to help you avoid the scammers and other useless time consuming BS.

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All the other stuff

Hidden gems of information and everything that irks me. 

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