My Fifth Trade

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I can not pick a fucking winner to save my life! This time I jumped the gun and bought $IMUC before I was suppose to. I read a blog article that said $IMUC may break out if it could hit $1.20 a share. Looking at the one year chart, I thought it could hit $2.00 or $3.00 a share if and when it broke.

This has got to be the biggest bone-head move I’ve made since I started trading.

I bought the wrong motherfucking stock!

The article mentioned $PVCT as the possible fast mover. Why in the fuck I bought $IMUC I don’t have a clue. I must have gotten it confused somehow as it was around the same starting dollar amount this morning.

Two huge mistakes. The first mistake was obviously buying the wrong stock. The second mistake was not waiting until the stock reached $1.20 before I bought it. Even though I was looking at the wrong stock, I still should have waited until it hit $1.20 a share. I feel like such a fool!

As I’m wring this article, the stock is trading at .97 cents per share. I bought 300 shares at $1.02. I’m not down by much, but losing anything hurts like hell right now because my account is getting smaller by the day. I took yesterday off to watch some DVD’s and study more. I guess this shit is going in one ear and out the other.

Still somewhat confident that I’ll catch on at some point. Right now it’s a struggle!  I’m really thinking about switching over to the Investors Underground newsletter and chat room. I keep seeing positive Twits and milestones being reached by his students and followers. Tim Alerts is cool for some people, but I’m not feeling it.

My plan is to sell $IMUC at the end of today or possibly tomorrow morning. I hate to be a bag holder, but this stock may jump back up to $1.02 first thing tomorrow. I have 1 trade left for the week. I hope I don’t fuck it up as well.

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