Trade #82 – Spinning

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Today I had to be at a clients by 10:00am (CST). I was trying my best to get ready for that, and trade at the same time. When I get into these situations, I always feel rushed. Trying to hurry a trade is never a good idea.

On the first trade, I shorted $GEVO for a small gain. To try and make a quick buck before I had to leave, I checked a trading gurus’ Twitter feed to see what his room was trading. I showed up late to $CJJD and bought right as the run was over.

I feel that my trading is spinning out of control. I’ve been immersed with studying, I think my brain is on overload. I cant concentrate on anything because my mind is racing with a million and one thoughts.

I think the best plan of action for me right now is to step back and observe for a little while. I’m still trying to find my niche. Just when I think I’ve got a setup figured out, the market starts showing me something different!?!

These losing trades are a direct reflection of my unwillingness to prepare for the upcoming trading day. I’m getting everything I deserve.

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