Trade #83 – Drought

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For the past 2 weeks I’ve been in a real trading slump. I had some good luck a few months back watching @ProTraderMike in the MOJO Trading room. I’ve recently added more $$$ to my SureTrader account and today was my first day back in the MOJO room.

$GEVO was a nice quick trade into the morning run-up. I made around $25 on this one. The second trade $CRMD started going down right about the time I bought it. I should of had a tighter stop loss. I ended up letting this one get away from me!?!

My final trade was $SGYP. Even though the MOJO room doesn’t short, I bet against $SGYP and got stopped out. When a stock gets close to a whole dollar amount, it can sometimes push though quickly. I didn’t want to take another big loss so I setup a Stop Market order .10 cents above where I shorted.

Today I lost about $65.00 after commission fees on a $500 account.

The trade that hurt the most was $CRMD. I lost .27 cents per share on this one. My mental stop loss is normally .10 to .15 cents on any given trade. Again its the small aspects of trading that always bite me in the ass.

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