Trade #84 – Inconsistent

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My inconsistent trading is really becoming a problem. I’m just all over the place. I still come to the market each day with so much excitement that I end up trading stocks that are headed in the wrong direction. Its almost like the more I over-think it, the more likely the stock is to defy all reason and logic.

After the first trade of the day, I then started revenge trading. That never works!

Lost about $150 today.

I recently signed up for a trading class that starts next month. The instructor has a unique style of trading that I believe can endure the foreseeable test of time. I haven’t taken any of his classes, but his methods seem pretty straight forward.

Like there aren’t a lot of layers to his trading that can sometimes over complicate things. The way I trade is by using the chart, news and what I perceive the market sentiment to be. I’m adding a bunch of layers that sometimes overwhelm my decision making process. That places me into situations that I’ve never experienced. I feel almost compiled to take these risky trades even if they’re just for learning purposes only.

I lack any type of real focus. I need to learn one style of trading and become good at it.

Thats easier said then done!

I want to learn everything all at once. Its hard to focus on any one thing right now. I used to think that I was becoming a short-sell trader, looking to go short after the morning emotion. After that I started buying early morning runners into the opening bell.

I need a real plan. I need some structure. I need to find that winning setup. I cant lie, I have no direction right now.

Spending money on education is necessary.

In the coming months, I’ll let everyone know the trading program I recently enrolled in. There are some pretty strict confidentiality rules so I wont be able to tell you the specifics of what I’ve learned. But I’ll let you know if it was worth signing up for.

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