Trade #93 – Had To Leave

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Listening to Benzinga this morning I heard $CLF announced positive earnings. They didn’t lose as much money as they were expecting. Not the best news, but there wasn’t much else going on this morning  within my price range.

I heard about $CLF pre-market, very early. When I pulled up the stock chart it wasn’t doing much. I initially passed on it at first glance. It wasn’t until after the opening bell that it caught my attention again. $CLF started showing up on several of my Trade Ideas scanners around 9:30am.

At 9:46am I bought $CLF for a bounce back to the $3.00 level.

I had a service call today at 12:00pm EST and couldn’t stick around to see how this would of turned out. I bailed at $2.76 for a 1 cent gain. Its hard juggling work life with trading. In the end this stock got up to $3.00 today. Not that I would have sold at the top, but I could have locked in more profits.

I recorded the following video to help remind myself of this trade setup.

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